16 content writing tips for your website

Understanding our customers and what’s important to them is so often an afterthought when writing our website content rather than the primary goal. We tend to think about who we are, and how we will market and advertise our points of difference, however, we should instead try thinking about our customers.

Content strategy

1. What problems, frustrations, shortcomings or desires does this product or service solve?

2. What other ways can we create value for our customers?

3. What story will they tell people they know about their experience of your brand?

4. Answer customer questions, if someone has asked it, you know there are many other people wanting the same answer.

Simple, inspiring words

5. How does your content read – does it make sense? Are the crucial points included?

6. Simplify your text – be strict with yourself and edit, edit, edit. Use plain English and don’t use overly creative wording.

7. Correct grammar and spelling mistakes.

8. Corporate-speak has no place on any website, it cheapens your reputation.

9. Keep your sentence length to a maximum of 14 words.

10. Keep your body text left aligned – it’s the natural way of reading English.

11. Lists and bullet points can make your content easier to read.

12. White space is always your friend. Avoid large blocks of text.

Last notes

13. Ask every customer for a testimonial, a personal recommendation is essential to creating trust.

14. Call-to-action on every page, we can’t stress this enough. Don’t make your customers work hard to find what they’re looking for.

15. Ensure your navigation bar is visible on every page, and your menu titles are clear & straightforward.

16. Make clickable links obvious, people know they can click buttons and highlighted text – keep it simple.

Taking the time to write well for your website allows you to communicate with your customer. Connect, inspire and delight your customers – help them feel like they belong.

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Jacqueline Alexander

Jacqui has a wealth of experience in the creation of stunning but highly effective publications, branding and websites.

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