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How to create love for your brand

I’m in the business of supporting love at first sight with beautiful aesthetics for brand creation. But looks aren’t everything and relationships take time & effort to develop and grow into something meaningful.

Making things meaningful for you & your customers is both easier and harder than ever before. Social media allows you to touch so many people on a more personal level however much like finding love on Tinder it’s easy to seem like you’re trying too hard, or not hard enough.

A well developed brand extends beyond a new logo, and encompasses the whole customer experience. That experience happens in many places from your creative branding, website, your brand voice, social media presence, email correspondence, interactions with your staff, collaborations with other brands, reviews and every other possible area where someone touches on your company. As we all know, Apple does this beautifully, but the good news is you don’t need a huge budget to achieve consistency.

Being human and staying consistent is key. There is a place for creative embellishments yet there is always space to talk to your potential customers like they are everyday people. One of my fave examples is Brett, the Masterchef contestant who tells it like it is – describing what he cooks is to the point: Fish and Chips. Whereas the other contestants on Masterchef may come up with: Pan–roasted Barramundi with a crumbed potato roulade with a jus of baby cucumbers and whole egg mayonnaise. And what is golden in this example is that as the weeks go on he doesn’t sway from his simple descriptions and isn’t influenced by what his competitors are saying. He effectively stays on brand, and his consistency is endearing and builds trust that you know what you’re going to get.

Spending time developing all areas of your brand – and creating consistency is vital for creating the kind of love that grows your business. Your investment in building the foundations to support strong relationships will benefit your bottom dollar and create trust (unlike the dude who stole his Tinder profile pic from a toothpaste commercial).

Jacqueline Alexander

Jacqui has a wealth of experience in the creation of stunning but highly effective publications, branding and websites.

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