Discover the right customer story

Discover the right customer story

We’re going to let you in on a secret, we design for your customer – they are the most crucial element to our success. We align ourselves to understanding their world view and how they want to experience your brand. 

Your part in this process is knowing your customer and being able to tell us about them. Simple, right? You know your target market – their age, gender and where they live. How about how they behave, what they value and what they want to be a part of? 

Answering these three questions will help create your customer story.

  1. What do my customers value? Environment, saving time, ease, community, health, prestige, money.. 
  2. What brands do they trust? Apple or Microsoft, Audi or Mazda, Jetstar or Qantas, Big W or David Jones.. 
  3. Where do they spend their money & their time? Fashion, computers, jewellery, dining in nice restaurants, hiking mountains, swimming in the ocean.. 

A valuable customer story guides us in creating branding and campaigns that really speak to the individual and effortlessly creates brand loyalty. 

Jacqueline Alexander

Jacqui has a wealth of experience in the creation of stunning but highly effective publications, branding and websites.

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