What's the difference between a design concept and a round of revisions?

What’s the difference between a design concept and a round of revisions?

Generally speaking, there are two distinct stages in the design process for any project: the initial concept design stage and the rounds of revisions that follow.

When we create a quote, we believe it is important to be as transparent as possible by outlining the number of concepts and rounds of revisions you are entitled to. This begs the questions: What’s the difference between a design concept and a round of revisions? and What constitutes a round of revisions?

Read on to find out and feel confident when beginning your next design project with us.

Design Concepts

Concepts are created in the first stage of our design process that begins when we receive your completed creative brief form.

Your designer will create a number of concepts, or design ideas, that explore the different conceptual directions for your project that you then choose from to ensure that your project resonates with your intended audience or target market.

Each design concept is a unique overall design and the number of different concepts offered will normally vary, between one to three, based on the type of project, your budget, your deadlines and a number of other factors that we discuss with you during the initial meeting.


When it comes to revising your new design concepts, you might be wondering what exactly constitutes a revision?

We define a revision as a change or variation to an initially presented design concept, and is typically a change of less than 40% of the design (different designers approach this with their own variations on the definition). A revision is simply meant to be a slight modification or course correction to progress toward the final design. A new design concept is not considered a revision.

In most cases you may not need to use all the included revisions to get your design to final stage or alternatively you may add extra revisions for an hourly cost (though this is rare).

For more, read our post on How to make the most of your included revisions.

Katerina Przita

Kat specialises in branding, corporate identity and web design with a special love for illustration and infographic design.

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