How to write your web content – page by page guide

Anyone that’s ever had to write the words for their own website knows how maddening it can be to hone your web content to tick the important boxes: professional, interesting and relevant.

Follow our page by page guide below to ensure you create something your audience will really read!

Home page

  • You have 59 seconds to capture your customer’s attention and make them want to stay
  • Keep your copy and menu simple, brief and straightforward. Let people know how to find the right information
  • Make everything clickable and user-friendly – the easier it is for people to find what they’re looking for, the more likely you’ll be able to keep that customer
  • Interesting, relevant images always work in your favour

About page

  • According to Google Analytics statistics, the about page is one of the most visited pages
  • This is where it gets personal and where clients decide if working with you feels right – to nail this, you need to balance writing about yourself and how you can help your customers solve their problems
  • Tone of voice, the personality of your writing, is crucial here – no matter what industry you service you are always connecting with other people
  • People connect with people so include professional photographs of yourself and your team – we like seeing faces

Contact page

  • Include an introduction to show you’re interested in connecting with your clients and prospects
  • Allow people to contact you in as many ways as is reasonable – a contact form, phone number and email address at a minimum
  • Adding your social media profiles allows people to find out more about you and have more touch-points to your brand (or stalk you before committing to buy)


  • It’s been said a thousand times, blogging is a really easy way to boost your SEO rankings and build connections with your audience
  • It doesn’t have to be a big job – the best blog posts are short & succinct
  • Make it easy for yourself, commit to a manageable schedule (daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly) but ensure you’re consistent
  • So what can you write about? Think helpful, inspirational and a little entertaining
  • Find out what your existing customers like to hear about as a good basis on what to write about
  • No one likes a sales pitch, think of it more as a space to share advice and build trust

Product pages

  • Talk about how your product helps your customer – how does it help them solve their problem or enhance their lives?
  • Your call-to-action should be on every page of your website but especially on your product pages to show people how to take the next step
  • Where practical, create separate pages for each of your offerings as this helps generate more clickthroughs and helps customers find their specific area quickly
  • Keep your language user-friendly and avoid jargon wherever possible

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Jacqueline Alexander

Jacqui has a wealth of experience in the creation of stunning but highly effective publications, branding and websites.

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