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Logo design that’s timeless

Logos – who doesn’t love a clean, simple logo design? Ahhh yes I said it – simple.. this doesn’t mean you don’t need us as we innately understand how to make simple stunning. After creating hundreds of amazing logos for clients – we want to share exactly how this is the best base for your visual identity.

What do the most memorable brands have in common?

Yup, it’s a bit of a trick question because you already know the answer. Have a look at Apple, Uber, airbnb and it’s clear the thing they have in common is simplicity.

Your brand is made up of your logo, colour palette, typography, image/illustration style and your brand voice. These elements work together to create a strong visual identity that breathes life into your business.

In an increasingly digital world, a complicated logo can become illegible when viewed on devices and this doesn’t serve you well. Likewise, in traditional print applications a fussy design tends to become lost at smaller sizes.

A logo design that stands the test of time is the goal. Building brand recognition is an important long term strategy for business growth.

Jacqueline Alexander

Jacqui has a wealth of experience in the creation of stunning but highly effective publications, branding and websites.

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